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Zoé  [a Greek word meaning life]

"ZOÉ" means Life, The God Kind of Life.

"RETREAT" means rest from the burden of life.

"MINISTRIES" mean service to those who are in need.



To provide service for the improvement in the Health and Well-being of the most in need, through the provisions of education, rest, and recreation.



To provide nutrition, implement nutritional education, and to encourage healthy recreation. To supply medical services, social services, psychological, and spiritual education. To support the necessary services which will improve the persons quality of life,  and the future of the communities development.

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making a difference

Zoé Life Retreat Missionary and Health Ministries, Ltd. was incorporated on 25 September, 2002. The mission is to improve health, economic, and social conditions of indigent persons throughout Jamaica. Through the collection and distribution of food, clothing, and money on their behalf, and to utilize any other means which shall serve such purpose. Zoé Nursing and Entrepreneurial Institute was later built and opened on 8 August, 2010 to educate and assist in job placement, those who are most needy in the field of geriatric care. We have launched dental, nursing, and medical clinics which provide health and medical assistance to the surrounding Parishes. We later broke ground in 2016 to build the Zoé Medical Clinic and Assisted Living Program. In 2018, the medical centre was donated to Jamaica's Ministry of Health to provide previously unavailable medical services to all of Northwest Clarendon. The Retreat will provide a haven of rest for the homeless and a place of recuperation and rejuvenation for those who are physically "burnt-out". Any and all donations are welcomed to continue the ministry and missions provided by Zoé. an

community investment

With your help, here's what's coming soon....

Community Cleanup!

This July 2023, join Zoé and the local community in a joint effort to freshen up our beautiful town of Tweedside. 

Mam's Place

"Mam’s Place" is the recreation of Dr. Hue's childhood to allow returning residents an affordable place to live out their golden years. Mam's Place is a way for this community

to show respect for our elders, nourish on the Lord, and be cared for with respect and gratitude.

Tweedside Bed & Breakfast

Wake up and enjoy the warm panoramic ambiance. The Tweedside Bed & Breakfast will allow guests to partake in the varied joys of Jamaican living. 

Tweedside Restaurant

A taste of Tweedside. The Tweedside Restaurant will satisfy the need for a local restaurant. To bring people together in one place while servings our residents, staff, guests, tourists, and Jamaican nationals alike. 

Tweedside Dormitory

The Tweedside Dormitory will house foreign exchange students which will attend Zoé Nursing & Entrepreneurial Institute, Mandeville Nursing School, or for other educational purposes.

Tweedside Market

The market will supply basic food, household, & personal care items to the local community at affordable prices without the need to travel to another town. The market will also allow local farmers to sell and/or trade their goods.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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