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Dr. Hyacinth Hue




Zoé Life Retreat

ATTN: Dr. H. Hue

Tweedside Postal Agency

Tweedside, Clarendon, Jamaica W.I.

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About Dr. Hue

Dr. Hyacinth Simmonds Hue was born in Tweedside, Clarendon, Jamaica. She attended Tweedside Elementary school until age ten, when her grandmother and aunt took her to May Pen, as she continued her elementary education and passed the first Jamaica Local examinations. She returned to Tweedside at age thirteen to take the third Jamaica Local examinations. She was later granted permission to study abroad on 17 January, 1957, she arrived at Tuskegee Institute (Tuskeegee University) where she claimed all the scholastic awards; National, Academic and Institute. She graduated Magna Cum Laude, a member of Who's Who, and was awarded a fellowship to continue her Master's Degree in Nutrition. She later completed he PhH Nutrition & Doctor of Christian Psychological Counseling (DPCD). Dr. Hue is a registered Nutritionist/Dietitian. She retired after 32 years from the New York State Education Department - Division of Finance & Management as Associate Chief of Nutrition & Finance Management. Since her retirement, she returned to her birthplace in Tweedside, Jamaica and has spent the last 25 years+ supporting and improving the quality of life for her community.

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